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Farmabrasilis na 2º Conferência Mundial - Ehrlich II - Nuremberg 2008


Tasic L. et al- Structure and Antimalarial Activity of Immunomodulator P-MAPA ( Abstract 1216). 

2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets ( Ehrlich II ) - Nürberg 2008


Preview  :  The P-MAPA activity against malaria was evaluated in groups of 7-10 C57BL/6 female mice, 5-8 week-old and pathogen-free.


Upon infection with lethal cells of Plasmodium chabaudi AJ, P-MAPA was administrated in one, unique, dose of 100 mg/kg one day after infection, and in diary doses of 50 and 5 mg/kg/day - 1 h upon infection.


P-MAPA inhibited the parasitemia up to 100 % with only one dose of 100 mg/kg during six days of the infection, while the control survival was only 50 %.


With administration of 5 mg/kg per day, 90 % of animals survived during nine days, meanwhile 60 % of the control animals died.


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